Thursday, February 1, 2007

First approach!

Hello everybody : )

I’m Felix Arguedas, I’m a Costa Rican guy.

I have been here in USA for 6 months in an internship between two north American Universities and the University of Costa Rica (3 months at VT and 3 months here at UMD). I was an assistant researcher.

Now I’m studying for a master’s degree at UMD. Great… Isn’t it? It is the opportunity of my life!!!

Costa Rica is just a little bit smaller than West Virginia, and so rich in natural resources.

I like outdoors: camping, fishing, rock climbing, running half distances(10 km aprox.), biking. (But this wheatear is hard for me!)

I went rock climbing twice in Blacksburg Virginia and it is simply fascinating; I’ll try to practice rock climbing here at the climbing wall.


Beyza said...

Hi Felix:)
Great blog!I really loved your photos and the map.I'm Nina's friend an instructor of English at a university in Turkey .I wish you success in your studies and blogging.
Happy blogging

Nasser said...

What a nice country I wish that I get chance to visit it in the future
Good luck in your studying


Nasser said...

Hi Felix
What a nice country I wish that I get chance to visit it in the future
Good luck in your studying


Nasser said...

Hi Felix
What a nice country I wish that I get chance to visit it in the future
Good luck in your studying


Carla Raguseo said...

Hi Felix,

Congratulations on your first approach to this blog. I love the photo you added and the map of Costa Rica. I'd love to visit your country some day!
I'm an EFL teacher in Rosario, Argentina. Have you ever been to South America?
I met your teacher, Nina, a couple of weeks ago since we are taking part in some online workshops together. I'm sure your blog will develop successfully with her guidance and support.

Keep up the good work!

Carla Raguseo

Hiromi said...

Hello, Felix! My name is Hiromi, and I'm from Japan. I was actually a student of Nina's class last summer!

I liked how you arranged the widgets on the side bar, especially the globe one. It helped me figure out where you come from. It's really far from Japan, right? Hahaha. Also, I enjoyed reading about yourself and why you're in the US now. Studying abroad is really a nice oppotunity for you! I hope that the semester will be a good one. ^^

Anyway, nice to meet you!

Erika Cruvinel said...

Hello Felix
I'm Erika from Brazil! I really wish one day I can visit Costa Rica. It looks like a fun place, full of entertainment and hospitable people!

Dennis said...

Hola, Felix.

What a beautiful blog! I enjoyed reading your first post (you're a very busy guy!) and I also enjoyed the beautiful photos. I've never been in Costa Rica, but I have friends who have been there and they've all had many nice things to say about the friendliness of the costariquenses and the beauties of the environment. Maybe I'll be able to visit there some day (Ojalá que sí!)

I think you'll enjoy your class with Mrs. Liakos. She and I have only met online, but I'm impressed with many, many things that she and her students have done--like this blog!

Good luck as you finish your studies in the U.S.

(an ESL teacher in Phoenix, Arizona)

Cris said...

Hi Felix,
nice to meet you.
I am glad that you are enjoying this experience of yours.
Going to other countries, learning with different people and being able to connect with other cultures is always an interesting and enriching experience.
Hopefully, you will be telling us more about it in your next posts.

Cheers from the UK!

Dennis said...

Hola, Felix!

I enjoyed chatting with you a little bit at Nina's office in Tapped In this morning.

Best wishes to you!

Dennis in Phoenix

Anonymous said...

Hi, Felix! You are attaboy! You studied in another country , I'm delighted with people who secure one's object.
My name is Xenia.I'm from Russia. I'm studing English at university.
I like your blog so much!
I and my groupmates have a blog, will you visit it: