Thursday, February 1, 2007

First approach!

Hello everybody : )

I’m Felix Arguedas, I’m a Costa Rican guy.

I have been here in USA for 6 months in an internship between two north American Universities and the University of Costa Rica (3 months at VT and 3 months here at UMD). I was an assistant researcher.

Now I’m studying for a master’s degree at UMD. Great… Isn’t it? It is the opportunity of my life!!!

Costa Rica is just a little bit smaller than West Virginia, and so rich in natural resources.

I like outdoors: camping, fishing, rock climbing, running half distances(10 km aprox.), biking. (But this wheatear is hard for me!)

I went rock climbing twice in Blacksburg Virginia and it is simply fascinating; I’ll try to practice rock climbing here at the climbing wall.